Reasons Why Pre-Selling Will Benefit You More

Reasons Why Pre-Selling Condo Will Benefit You More

Filipinos are all about family first – no questions asked. In fact, we always go the extra mile to secure our loved ones’ future. That’s why we’re always curious about passive incomes, insurance, investing in properties, and anything else that guarantees us a solid backup plan.  

A lot of Filipinos today are turning their attention to buying pre-selling properties because it aligns with their long-term game plan. Pre-selling, or off-the-plan properties is a real estate deal where units are put on sale before the actual building is finished. This move not only supports the developers but also offers significant advantages for those planning ahead. 


Ready For Lower Rates 

Units during the pre-sell stage usually come with a price tag below the market value. Developers also offer discounts or incentives for buyers who will invest before the property is ready. It’s a money-saving move compared to getting ready-for-occupancy (RFO) units that often come with extra fees for their introductory price. Plus, scoring a good deal from developers might be trickier with RFO units. 


Personalize Your Space 

One good advantage of getting a pre-sell is having input on your future property. Since everything is still in the construction phase, developers might let you choose your unit, pick the best view, or tweak the layout. It’s like designing your home, your way! 


Flexible Payment Plans 

Various financing options that best suit the pre-sell buyers are also offered by the developers. Installments are available in pre-sell properties making it a much more convenient investment than paying for the RFO upfront. This attracts investors as fair payment schemes can help them manage their funds.  

Watch Your Investment Grow 

Real estate properties get better with time. The demand for good housing is always on the upswing – mainly because it’s a basic need. Grabbing a pre-sell at a lower cost and selling it later when its value has soared? That’s a winning move right there! 


Undoubtedly, buying a pre-selling property is a great investment in terms of future income or for providing a home for your family. You gain more for less. The benefits already come before you even get your property.  

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